2017 List of Exhibitors

Check back frequently- new exhibitors are added frequently.


Houle Insulation, Inc
* Let them help you save money on your heating and cooling by re-insulating existing homes with cellulose insulation made from 85% post consumer newspaper. [website]
RetroGreen Energy
*Come find out how this non-toxic, biodegradable, non-expanding foam insulation can be used to re-insulate existing structures such as your home or office. [website]
Xcel Energy
* A recognized industry leader, Xcel Energy delivers renewable energy and carbon emission reductions along with education and outreach to customers to save money and energy. Xcel strives to collaborate with communities, investing for the future and protecting the environment. [website]
Four Seasons Energy Efficient Roofing
*Four Seasons Energy Efficient Roofing, Inc. (FSEER) has over 45 years experience in the installation of commercial, industrial and residential roofs. We have “seen it all” over the years and know what guaranteed materials, roofing technology and workmanship are required to keep your roof the solid weather barrier you expect. As a LEED certified contractor, FSEER incorporates green building practices. Numerous roofing projects we have installed have taken advantage of ENERGY STAR and other tax and utility program incentives for energy costs. Our attention we pay to detail has earned us Elite and Master roofing contractor status.[website]
All Energy Solar
*Full service, local solar provider offering information of solar for homes and businesses. [website]
American Lung Association of Minnesota
*We will provide an overview on all five alternative  fuels for vehicles available in  Blaine and Coon Rapids. Stop by to learn how the type of vehicles we choose and the fuels we use in them effect our world, our health and our environment. This booth is staffed by the American lung Association in the Minnesota and the Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition. [website]



Government and Educational Resources

Alliance for Sustainability – Resilient Communities
* Supporting north metro residents to support their cities to include resilience and sustainability in their plans including information about actions to take regarding energy and water conservation. [website]
Anoka County Recycling & Resource Solutions
* Learn about recycling and composting opportunities in Anoka County. [website]
Anoka-Ramsey Community College
ARCC is actively working on projects related to renewable energy and sustainability strategies on their campuses. [website]
Blaine Recycling
*Find out your options for recycling most of the items you bring into your home through Blaine’s curbside recycling program, and Blaine’s monthly drop-off day. [website]
Blaine Water Systems
*Information on how Blaine’s water system safely gets water from the ground water to your home. [website]
Blaine Stormwater Management
* Find out how Blaine manages and coordinates the water resources within the City. [website]
Citizens Utility Board
* C.U.B. provides resources to help residents understand their utility bills to save energy, renewable energy options, rebates and more. Come learn about their upcoming bill clinics as well. [website]
Coon Creek Watershed District and Rice Creek Watershed District
* Both watersheds will provide information about protecting water from pollution, preventing home floods and empowering residents to make informed decisions about water issues. [website]
Coon Rapids Forestry Department
* Learn about proper tree care and selection, and how trees add benefit to your home and the environment. [website]
Coon Rapids Parks & Recreation Department
*Coon Rapids parks, trail and programs provide amenities to encourage active, healthy living while benefitting our natural environment. [website]
Coon Rapids Recycling Center
 Learn more about the residential recycling drop site available to recycle specialty items that can’t be recycled curbside. [Website] 
Coon Rapids Sustainability Commission 
*  Works with the Coon Rapids City Council on various proposals, practices and options related to sustainable living. These topics include energy and water use, native plants, waste management and recycling. [Website]
Coon Rapids Utilities Division
*Come see how the city ensures the water in the Coon Rapids is safe. [Website]
Fridley – City Information
*Learn about various environmental topics relevant in the City of Fridley including pollinators, Emerald Ash Borer, organics recycling, active transportation and public participation. [website]
League of Women Voters- Anoka, Blaine and Coon Rapids
* This non-partisan political organization encourages education and advocacy for various topics including environmental action for pollinators and water sustainability. [website]
Minnesota Department of Health
Providing resources about detection and remediation of indoor air quality concerns such as radon, carbon monoxide and mold in homes. [website]
Natural Resources Conservation Board of Blaine
* Blaine NRCB works to promote public awareness regarding environmental issues, actions and preservation including the future Blaine Wetland Preserve. [website]
Northdale Middle School Conservation Crew
*They will show the hard work Northdale Middle School students have put forth to educate our school about how to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost.
Great River Greening
*Inspires and leads local communities in restoring and enrich our lives. As Minnesota’s leader in community-based restoration and devoted solely to stewardship and volunteerism. We have worked with nearly 40,000 volunteers removing invasive species and planting native trees. flowers, and grasses at more than 300 sites throughout the State. Our experienced ecologists apply state-of -the-art  practices to these restoration projects. [website]
Anoka County Climate Action
*Informational available for Anoka County residents to help preserve a livable climate for our kids and grandkids.
*Through the effective reuse of donated items, Bridging improves lives by providing quality furniture and household goods to those transitioning out of homelessness and poverty. [website]
Minnesota GreenCorp
*MN GreenCorp is an AmeriCorps program coordinated by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Members serve local communities to protect Minnesota’s environment, while training to become an environmental professional. The City of Coon Rapids has a second year member serving their term in the waste reduction and recycling of multi-unit (apartment) complexes. Stop by and learn about this project! [website]
Ecology Democracy Network
*The Ecology Democracy Network educates and organizes for our mandates to establish: An Ecology- Based Economy; Proportional Representation for the Minnesota House; and removal of big money and corporate interference in our government.

Health and Wellness

Corrective Care Chiropractic
* Learn the importance of a healthy nervous system, proper nutrition, reducing toxins, and regular exercise. Also receive a free spinal screening at the event. [website]
HealthSource of Blaine
* Learn about chiropractic care to encourage natural pain relief and management of chronic illnesses. [website]
Heart Safe Anoka County
* Learn about the work done to educate and train citizens to not only recognize the signs of sudden cardiac arrest, but also in the use of hands – only CPR and AEDs. This program has trained over 10,000 people in Anoka County and continues to expand. 

It Works!
* It Works! will educate on the importance of detoxifying your body with natural and gluten free products to tighten, tone, detoxify, nourish and balance your body. [website]
*Miessence provides an extensive range of internationally certified organic skin, hair, body, cosmetic, oral and nutritional products. [website]
The Wellness Circle
* This group provides various types of holist health including herbs, Reiki, life coaching skills and more. [website]
Integrative Health Guide
*As a practitioner at the Wellness Circle, I offer health and conscious aging coaching. Encourage use of non-toxic personal and household products, organics foods and purified water.
Points Of Serenity
*Custom blended bags of herbal tea; mugs with infusing basket, tea pots with infusing baskets to sell. Prepared samples to taste! [website]
The Spirited Sage
*Herbs, nutritional kinesiology, Reiki, Natural, Holistic healing [website]

 Vegan University
*Promoting plant-based eating to benefit the environment, animals and human health. [website]
Optimal Osmosis
*Educates individuals, families, and businesses on how to reduce plastic waste to the environment, replace various disposable products, and create a chemical-free sanctuary. They provide options for ecologically friendly filtration and ionization technology. [website]
Mother’s Den Doula and Lactation Support, LLC
*A lactation consultant, doula and childbirth educator. Support, encourage, educate and help families breastfeed their bodies and understand natural birth practices. [website]
Young Living Essential Oils
* Young living is a company that creates chemical-free essential oils and products, taking oversight and great care from the seed in the ground  to the sealed bottle. they also practice reforestation! [website]


Household Products

*Costco promotes the use and sale of organic and earth friendly products, as well as energy-efficient products offered in their stores. [website]
*Norwex provides environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products to reduce chemical use and reduce waste.
Raju’s Arts
* Artist Raju Lamichhane has developed a unique way to reuse otherwise wasted items and turn them into artwork. His display will showcase his artwork made from recycled newspaper and junk mail. [website]
Roberts-Hamilton Company
*Roberts-Hamilton provides plumbing options for residents including hybrid water heaters and low-flow faucets to conserve water in your home. [website]
Sarah Grace Photography

* Your #1 Green Photographer! Sarah received the Anoka County Recycling Champion Award for her work capturing art from 365 days of trash and her sustainable photography practices. [website]
*Tupperware Brand products provide a sustainable waste reduction alternative to the billions of PET bottles, plastic bags, Styrofoam containers and aluminum foils used and discarded each year. [website]
Aquarius Home Services
*Eco friendly water treatment systems. [website]
James Hardie siding and Trim
*James Hardie operates 8 ISO 14001 manufacturing plants throughout the US. James Hardie fiber cement siding has a superior longevity over wood, is highly durable, fire-resistant, and is resistant to damage due to moisture, wind and termites. [website]
Silverlite Pillow
Our pillow is designed to maximize comfort and support to provide a restful night’s sleep. Green-organic. [website]
The Home Improvement Network
*Our service provides home owners with referrals to home improvement companies best suited towards their needs. Our goal would be to provide green friendly options in place of old standards by some companies. [website]



Lifestyle and Recreation

Anoka County Commute Solutions
Commute Solutions encourages businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint by utilizing alternative transportation options. [website]
National Sports Center

*The National Sports Center focuses on the continual work they are committed to in improving their sustainability and environmental impact, including energy conservation, water management and other sustainable practices. [website]
River North 55+ Senior Apartments
* This new senior living facility offers state-of-the-art design including energy staff appliances, programmable thermostats, low flow water fixtures and high efficiency air conditioning units. [website]
WE: The Five Pillars of WE
* This organization works to empower youth to make the world a better place by utilizing unique gifts, talents and contributions. [website]



Reuse and Recycling

*Through the effective reuse of donated items from residents, Bridging improves lives by providing quality furniture and household goods to those transitioning out of homelessness and poverty. They encourage local communities to engage by volunteering and donating quality items. [website]
Donate clothing, shoes, housewares, décor, electronics, sporting goods and other quality items to help support Minnesotan and Wisconsinite families. Seasonal items like holiday decorations and Halloween costumes are also welcome. [website]
Green Lights Recycling, Inc.
* GLR provides simple recycling services to residents and education about the ease of recycling and all the benefits for sustaining our natural resources. [website]
Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles, LLC

* Collection all bicycle parts, Mr. Michael and his team works to repair and rebuild bicycles to be given to those who need them. They are the ultimate bike junk-yard, keeping old bicycles out of landfills. [website]
Walters Recycling
*Waste and Recycling company located in Blaine, MN. [website]


Yard and Garden

Anoka County Master Gardeners
*Extension Master Gardeners are University of Minnesota-trained volunteers whose role is to educate the public about beautiful and sustainable landscapes while promoting healthy gardening practices. [website]
Anoka County Grower’s Association
*Local farmers will educate about the Coon Rapids Farmer’s Market. [website]
Best Irrigation
* A Coon Rapids based full-service underground sprinkler and irrigation company with 30 years of experience. Their services include design, planning, installation and maintenance including smart sensor monitors to help you save money and water on your lawn. [website]
Grazeland Farm
* Woolch-weed control mats are made from recycled wool and eliminate the need for pesticides and herbicides. Use this U of M tested mulch for weed control and moisture retention [website]
Juice Plus+ Tower Garden
*The next generation of urban farming and eco-friendly practices. These systems use one-tenth the water and land required for traditional growing. [website]
Pahls Market & Pahls Farms
*Pahls provide an unparalleled selection of high quality plants, professional landscaping, locally-grown produce, and a friendly helping hand (and that hand has a mighty green thumb). [website]
Earth Wizards 
*Promoting earth-friendly driveway options such as all pervious pavements, channel drains to reroute runoff to rain gardens and decreased paved areas. [website]
*Plant flowers to support pollinator habitat; Employment for adults of all abilities. [website]